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Perfect Germs Killer

Ultra - Violet (UV) Rays lie just beyond the visible light band on the shorter wavelength end of the Electromagnetic spectrum. The high - energy UV-Cray Wavelength ranges between 200 nm and 280 nm (nm = 10-9 m). These rays, particularly the 253.7 nm Wavelength upon contact (see graph). The destructive UV rays strike and enter the body of germs -bacteria, viruses, yeast, algae and certain protozoa. Once inside, the rays are absorbed by the organism DNA This kills it at once It is the simple and swift action that has made UV disinfection the world's most effective and most economical method of obtaining germ - free water for a Wide range of end - uses. UV disinfection is utterly simple-easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It takes up very little space, work non-stop over long periods and gives Ready-to-user process water instantly. Since on chemicals are required, there are not hazards of storage and over-dosage of toxic and corrosive chemicals. This raises the safety level considerably. What's more the UV rays leave, water in this natural state without causing any change in its color, smell, taste temperature, pH level and mineral content. That's why UV disinfection is so universally popular.

Komal Disinfectors

Energy - Efficient Design Komal disinfectors are built around a very energy- efficient design. Naturally, this also makes them highly cost – efficient. In Komal disinfectors, the killer UV wavelength 253.7nm is produced in the low –pressure mercury vapour lamps. An electric arc strikes an inert gas and the resultant heat vaporizes the mercury inside the lamp envelop. As the mercury atoms excited to high energy states begin to return low energy states the 253.7 nm wavelenght UV rays ere radiated straight in ti the water flow. the high energy UV lamps are rated for 9000 hours non – stop use. The UV lamps are isolated from the water flow by placing them inside specially fused quartz glass sleeves. The typically transmits 95% of the incident UV radiation consumption leading to total destruction of all waterborne micro – organisms. The reliable killing of micro-organisms is achieved primarily with a sufficient UV radiation dosage. The dosage is measured in micro watt second/ cm2 most bacteria are completely annihilated by a 1300 ms cm2 dosage in excess of 30000 m w-s / cm2 ensure absolute bacteria kill.


Almost Maintenance Komal disinfectors ask for very little maintenance. There user-friendly design allows for ultra-quick Disassembly, cleaning, and parts replacement without any appreciable downtime. The UV lamps are replaced in less than five minutes without having to discontinue operations. The quarts sleeves, which need only annual look-over, can be cleaned equally fast. The disassembly of the outer housing requires only common tool. The entire units is made of sturdy 304/316 stainless steel. The housing highly polished. Inside parts are < 0.8 Ra value electropolished. This sanitary finish reduces surface profile variations while greatly enhancing wetted surface passivity.


Wide Range fF End - Uses Komal disinfectors have found wide acceptance in these fields:

  • Drinking Water
  • Mineral Water
  • Textile Industries
  • Demineralised Chemical
  • Plants Breweries
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Distilleries
  • Soft Drinks
  • Lon Exchanger
  • Bottling Plants
  • Filters
  • Canneries
  • Reverses Osmosis
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Swimming Pools
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Aquaria
  • Cosmetic


Add-ONS & Optionals

Every Komal disinfector is provided with these auxiliary instruments to help monitor and optimize its performance.

UV Optical Sensor & Alarm

A Photo-optical probe with automatic low level alarm to Monitor the relative intensity of the 235.7 nm UV radiation inside the disinfection chamber. With Additional circuitry for separate alarm.

UV Lamp Operating Display

A direct-driven LRD display panel for continuous visual Indication of the UV lamp operating status. When a UV lamp goes out inside, its corresponding LED display goes out too. These instruments are available on option:

Running Time Meter

Measures and display the disinfector operating hours.

Thermistor Safety Control

Protects the disinfector from high heat build-up Resulting from prolonged operation without water flow Ideal where the disinfection cannot be connected to the pump circuit.


A thermal printer for printing the dosage and the number of hours the lamp is running.

Water System Conrtoller

Helps operating personnel monitor the water system Operations by automating these routine tasks:

  • Monitoring raw water level in supply tank,
  • Monitoring conductivity of outlet water.
  • Monitoring and controlling level of demineralised water in storage tank.
  • Protection against accidental collection of outlet Water when the plant needs regeneration (high conductivity) or when UV disinfection is defective.

Komal TOC Reduction UV

Komal Ultraviolet Disinfection equipment is designed to reduce TOC levels by means of high energy wavelength that cause Photooxidation. Photooxidation with UV radiation occurs by the generation of hydrogen free radicals in the water stream. The hydroxy free radical oxidising capacity is more powerful than Ozone. The Photooxidation process that takes place in the UV contact chamber required high energy level of UV radiation. The shorter the wavelength spectrum,the higher the amount of UV energy generated, thus rapidly oxidizing the organic molecule by braking chemical bond. UV oxidation processes are the most reliable means of meeting the new standards. UV system offers substantial capital and operating cost saving compared with other conventional treatment process.

TOC Reduction system by KOMAL are designed Specifically for the reduction of total Organic Carbon (TOC)


  • Use Of Highest Putity Quartz Tubing
  • Consistent dose, delivers
  • Electro polished stainless steel 316 reactor.
  • 9000 hour Guaranteed lamp life.

Ideal Germicidal

ULTRAVIOLET ENERGY at 2537 Angstrom units wavelength required for 99.9% destruction of various microorganisms (UV energy in microwatt- sec / cm2)

Bacillus anthracis 8700
Eberthella typosa 4100
Escherichlia Coli 7000
Micobcterium Tuberculosis 10,000
Neisseria Catarrhalis 8500
Pheudomonas Aeruginosa 3900
S.Typhimurium 15,200
Salmonella 10,000
Dysentery Bacilli 4200
BSraphylococcus Aureus 7000
Streptoccus Hemolyticus 5500
Streptococcus Viridans 3800
Chlorella Vulgaris 22000
Bacteriophage (E.Coli) 6600
Tobacco Mosaic 4,40,000
Influenza 6600
Hepatitis Virus 8000
Polio Myelitis 21,000
Parmecium 2,00,000
Nematode Eggs 92,000
Saccharomyces Elliposideu 13,200
Brewers' Yeast 6600
Bakers' Yeast 8800
Model No. Flow Rate Max Flow Rate No. of UV Power Treatment Housing Inlet UV Dosage Lamps Life
(Lit/hr) ( Distilled /RO Water) Lamp Consumption (Watt) Material Outlet Size mw/sec/cm2 hrs
UV-Plus** 75 120 1 14 pp 6mm >16000 5000
UVH-B 500 700 1 48 ss-304/316 15mm >35000 9000
UVK-1 1200 2200 1 70 ss-304/316 25mm >35000 9000
UVK-2B 2500 4000 2 140 ss-304/316 25mm >35000 9000
UVK-2 3500 6500 3 190 ss-304/316 40mm >35000 9000
UVK-3 5000 8500 4 260 ss-304/316 50mm >35000 9000
UVK-4 6000 10000 5 320 ss-304/316 80mm >35000 9000
UVK-5 8500 15000 7 440 ss-304/316 80mm >35000 9000
UVK-7 10000 18000 9 560 ss-304/316 100mm >35000 9000

* Output of 2537 A with new lamp at 80 F with an absorption coefficient at 0.10 
** UV Plus comes with 5 micron filter with A. Carbon in a P.P. House. 
*** Optional S.S. 316/ S.S. 316 L.

Sterilising Chamber Construction

Sleeve to End Plate O-ring :High Purity Quartz Maximum Working Pressure :Silicon Rubber Pressure Loss at Average Flow :3.5 gk/cm2 : < 3 psig Temp Range :5 0 C – 80 0 C ` Supply Voltage : 220-240 V, 50 Hz Input Water Requirement : Free From Particulate Matter

Ballast Control Unit is Provided with each unit.

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