Softening Plants

Strong, Long Lasting KOMAL WATER SOFTENER- engineered for the most demanding industrial, commercial and residential needs.

Base Exchange Softening Process

In these days Softening of Water is almost exclusively effected by lon Exchanges. In this process the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanger by sodium ions, so that the hardness forming components are converted into soluble sodium salts. Softening is carried out by simple filtration through the exchange material.

When the exchange material is exhausted, it requires regeneration with sodium chloride (Common Salt)). The calcium and magnesium ions which were taken up before are then, displaced by sodium ions and flow out together with the regeneration water. The capacities between regeneration will, however, vary according to the raw water.Water product will have commercial Zero hardness. These systems have a proven excellence in performance for application like textile, Boiler Heat Exchanger, Laundry etc.

  • Softeners are available in rust and corrosion proof FRP as well as sturdy M.S.Unit.
  • Control Valve: state-of-the-artdesignand with in –built ejector system, multi port valve for compact design.
  • Unit with Individual valves of Cast Iron are safe for outdoor application.
  • Completely Automatic is also available.
  • Compact Sturdy FRP Softening Unit
Model No Flow Rate (lit/hr) Capacity Bet. Reg.
KSF - 6 600 6
KSF - 8 900 10
KSF - 10 1400 18
KSF - 12 3000 30
KSF - 15 4500 40
KSF - 18 7500 70
KSF - 21 9500 100

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