Reverse Osmosis Systems

KOMAL industries is Water Treatment Plant manufacturing company dedicated to offer to our customers the finest commercial, industrial and medical Reverse Osmosis system. We are committed to provide the most innovative, technologically advanced and high quality system. Our knowledge and experience enable us to manufacture most of our parts in-house to ensure system reliability. Our meticulous quality assurance program ensures system reliability and a product that you can depend on.

Komal Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System in Mumbai, India

The unique features of KOMAL Reverse Osmosis (RO) system allow you to produce high quality water consistently for a variety of applications. With their compact designs, simple operation and low  maintenance, KOMAL system are perfect for your use.

Key Features Of Komal Reverse Osmosis System

High Quality Water: 
It not only rejects most organics and salts from the water but residual synthetic detergents, bacteria, viruses and suspended microscopic Particles.

Flexibility in Usage: 
High rate of rejection over wide range of solids in the feed water.

Spiral Wound Membrane: 
The spiral wound construction of the separator combines alternating layers of  semipermeable thin layer composite (TLC) membrane area-to-flow channel. This provides an extremely high membrane area-to-flow volume ratio that ensures maximum effectiveness in fluid and particle separtation

Low Energy Cost:
Only operates under mechanical pressure

Low Chemical Cost:
Addition of chemical is not required unless the feed water has unusual characteristic

Precision Engineering:
Our systems are carefully engineered for high efficiency. To ensure a high degree of reliability, we as proven components in every system.

Highly reliable, Simple to Operate and Maintain:
KOMAL RO System come factory assembled, tested and in ready-to-operate condition. They are designed for high efficiency and are simple to operate and maintain.

Technical Data

Model No. Flow Rate Range Lit/hr Membrane Connection Motor Rating Housing No.of Memb.
KMR-60         60 2.5”x 40”TFC ¼” 0.25 HP S.S.-304 1
KMR-80 130-140 2.5”x 40”TFC ½” 0.5  HP S.S.-304 2
KMR-200 200-250 4”x 40”TCF ½” 0.5  HP S.S.-304 1
KMR-500 450-500 4”x 40”TCF ½” 0.5  HP S.S.-304 2
KMR-1000 1000-1200 4”x 40”TCF ½” 1  HP S.S.-304 5
KMR-1000          1500 4”x 40”TCF 1” 3  HP S.S.-304 7
KMR-2000 2200-2500 8”x 40”TFC 1” 3  HP S.S.-304 3
KMR-5000 5000-5500 8”x 40”TFC 1” 3  HP S.S.-304 6

The above Performance at 25°C, 1500 ppm TDS. 
Typical lonic Rejection - 95% - 98%
Maximum Operating Pr. - 400 psig
Membrane Housing - S.S. -304 ( Optional S.S. -316 / FRP.)
Operating Pressure - 150 – 220 psig

General Specifications 
All the machines include pre wired motor, starter / switch, pilot lamp Input / Output conductivity indicator / controller, pressure gauge for concentrate, stainless steel concentrate valve. Permeate and inlet flow meter. Powder coated M.S. / S.S. Stand.

Quality of Feed Water

  • Feed Water turbidity     :< 1 NTU
  • Feed Water SDI             :< 5
  • Feed Water pH Range   : 4 – 11
  • Element Configuration   : Spiral Wound.

Standard Features

Compact Design : The unique system design makes the unit easy to install.

Frame : Entire system is mounted on M.S. powder coated / S.S. frame which gives the unit a clean look and longer life.

Standard Prefilter : Inlet water is filtered down to 5 micro in particles. Water is also passed through Activated Carbon filter which helps to extend the membrane life and protects other system’s components.

Pressure Gauge : Pressure gauge provides consistent and accurate pressure reading.

Conductivity Meter : On-line conductivity Indicator / Controller which monitors TDS level in both Raw water and process water stream.A digital read out provides assurance that the system is producing high quality water.

Low & High Pressure Switch.

Rotameter for the Inlet & Outlet Water:

Optional Features

Stainless Steel Pump : Stainless steel pumps are available specific application where high corrossion resistance is necessary.

Storage Vessel : Both pressurised and unpressurised storage vessels are available in a variety of sizes. Level control are available for easy operation.

Permeate Flush : This feature automatically flushes the concentrate side of the membrane with permeate water each time the unit shut down.

Permeate Vessel : SS-316 PVC and FRP Vessels are available for a wide range of chemicals / water.

Dosing System : Anti-scalant injection system as a pretreatment.

Clemicles Cleaning Systems : A complete system Including vessel, Pump, Filters can be supplied.

Printers : Automatic printing of the crucial conductivity values at preset intervals


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