Pure Steam Generator

The pure steam generation system consists of two columns – Evaporator and Separator.

The Evaporator is a shell and tube type of heat exchanger. The driving force i.e. plant steam heats the feed water in the tube side of the evaporator to generate vapour. The generated vapour enters the Separator column. The separator column uses a triple punch separation technique for particle entrainment and separation of impurities such as droplets and pyrogenic material.

The first punch is offered by the multi- directional baffle, which makes the vapour traverse a torturous path. In the second stage, the steam passes through a cyclone type centrifugal separator. The final blow is delivered by a Demister pad to ensure pyrogen free, dry and saturated steam.


  • Komals Pure Steam Generator is a packaged skid mounted unit incorporating all necessary controls and functions to produce Pure steam as per latest IP/BP/USP standards. Plants are available from 50 kgs/hr to 2000 Kgs/hr,
  • These generators are basically used for Sterilization of vessels, Sterilisation of Distribution systems, Autoclave, reactors and also humidification of sterile area
  • Full-Automatic PLC based Control Panel System with auto sanitization and printing facility.
  • First column equipped with Double tube sheet as a provision to avoid boiler steam mixing with Purified water.
  • All Contacts parts are SS316L with internally electropolishing < 0.5Ra
  • Complete documentation to meet and exceed international audit requirements.
  • The piping system is orbital welded and qualified using videoscopy procedure.

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