Demineralisation Systems

What is Demineralisation

Water is one of the most abundant natural compounds. It is also one of the most contaminated one. A number of minerals readily dissolve in to water. They have to be removed from the raw water before it can be used for any industries application.

Komal's water demineraliser employ the modern ion-exchange technology to give to chemically pure water. A demineraliser removes these minerals from the raw water by an ion- exchange process. This process first exchanges the cations of the salt for the hydrogen ions and, then, exchanges the anions of the salt for the hydroxylions.

Demineralisation Water Systems in India

Advantages Of The Komal Demineraliser

The new KOMAL demineraliser

  • …gives you chemically pure water – instantly and continuously, year after year.
  • … has durable resins with the highest demineralising capacity.
  • … Uses resins of the highest quality.
  • … comes with the conventional conductivity meter.
  • … is extremely easy to operate and need practically no attention after it is installed.
  • … can be connected directly to any water supply main.
  • … is delivered promptly.
  • … is available in a wide range of flow – rates.

Wide Range Of Application

Chemically pure, demineralised water is a more efficient substitute for distilled water in a wide range of applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals : Battery manufacturing
  • Cosmetic : High Pressure Boiler
  • Surface Cleaning : Hospitals
  • Chemicals : Laboratory
  • Electronics : Research Technology
  • Paints : Distilleries

Komal DM Configurations

KOMAL is offering water Demineraliser in four different configurations.

FPK Series – FRP Construction

FPK Series' pressure vessels are manufactured using composite Fiber Glass. Vessels are 60% lighter than steel vessels. All the vessels are vigorously tested at 10 bar pressure. They are all moulded and have better impact strength and are lighter in weight.

Model Flow-rate Capacity bet. Regeneration
(based on 100 ppm as TDS)
FPK-5 150 Lit/hr 3m3
FPK-6 250 Lit/hr 6m3
FPK-8 600 Lit/hr 12m3
FPK-10 1,000 Lit/hr 18m3
FPK-13 2,000 Lit/hr 35m3
FPK-14 3,000 Lit/hr 50m3
FPK-16 5,000 Lit/hr 100m3

2. K-Series - PVC Construction

The K-series of demineralisers from KOMAL are made out of PVC and can be optionally be coated with FRP. The K-series has been used in the industry mainly electroplating and the chemical industry as a cheap alternative to the MSRL / SSRL plants. 
It is also one of the most used products in the laboratories, hospitals and colleges. Its long life and easy operation add to the value.

Quality of the treated water from Two-bed (K-Series)

Conductivity : less than 25 micromhos/cm 
pH : 7.5 to 9.5 
T.D.S. : Less than 5 ppm. 
Carbon dioxide : nil

Stainless Steel Rubber-Lind (S.S,R.L.)

The SSRL series offers the KOMAL Demineralization system in a SS 304 / SS316 body. The vessels are internally rubber-lined to prevent any corrosion. This series is very useful for the pharmaceutical, beverages, food and the biotech industry. It offers many advantages including the sanitary design, robustness and the aesthetics that go along with it.

Mild Steel Rubber-Liner (M.S.R.L.)

The MSRL series offers the KOMAL Demineralisation system in a SS 304 / SS316 body. The vessels are internally rubber-lined to prevent any corrosion.

Komal Mixed-Bed System

Our mixed-bed demineraliser are used where water of extremely high purity is needed. They have cation and anion exchanger resins mixed in a single column. This achieves higher purity standards, more neutral pH and greater silica and CO2 removal control than can be done with a Two-bed system.

The Material of Construction can be PVC, FRP, MSRL or SSRL depending on the requirements. The sizes can also be designed on the customer requirements

Model Flow-rate Lit/hr Regenerant
30% HCL Caustic soda
Output per Regeneration
(at100 T.D.S)
K-3 30 1 Lit. 0.25 kg 500 liters
K-4 75 2 Lit. 0.50 kg 1,500 liters
K-5 150 3 Lit. 1.00 kg 3,000 liters
K-6 250 5 Lit 1.50 kg 6,000 liters
K-8 600 10 Lit 3.00 kg 12,000 liters
K-10 1,000 15 Lit. 4.50 kg 18,000 liters
K-12 1,400 20 Lit. 7.50 kg 25,000 liters
Model Flow-rate Capacity bet. Regeneration
(based on 100 ppm as TDS)
D-4 75 Lit/hr 700 liters
D-5 250 Lit/hr 1,500 liters
D-6 600 Lit/hr 3,500 liters
D-8 1,000 Lit/hr 4,500 liters
D-10 1,500 Lit/hr 6,000 liters

Quality of Treated water from Mixed Bed :

pH: 6.5 to 7.0 
Conductivity : less than 1 uS / cm 
T.D.S : less than 1 ppm. 
Silica : less than 0.02 ppm.


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